New Song Moringa Farm

Our Moringa Is High Quality With A Cause 

Our organic cultivation and processing steps show our detailed care and why our product is the best in Nicaragua. (The head of the Nicaraguan Health Department (MINSA) said that our product is the best quality that she had seen pass through their dept.) We promote our Moringa for its purity, potency and quality.  We do not try to compete with products of low quality and fillers. 

New Song's Moringa Products are: Pure, Organic, Hand Crafted, High Quality, nutrient dense raw super-food  sold through Direct Trade from one local Nicaraguan farm.  Our product is carefully handcrafted instead of using machinery. We protect the employment of the local Nicaraguans.

Our products are Organic, pure and raw, grown in Volcanic soil that has been organically cultivated for seven years. There are no fillers and its non-GMO.

After the rains, each year in December, we plant one lot of our own quality Moringa seeds for the intensive leaf harvest plants every 5 days. We begin to harvest each lot after 45 days growth in mid January until October. We consistently harvest at the prime time of nutrition in the leaves. We do not harvest mature trees, like some Moringa producers. We produce our own organic fertilizer and ash, that is designed to both fertilize and re-mineralized the soil for a ten month rotation, to insure the plants are nutritious and fresh. Between Sept and November, we rest the land and plant Mung beans and white beans during the resting period to remineralize the soil with nitrogen and maintain a cover crop.  

Our Moringa is hand picked to carefully remove the twigs and stems. The delicate leaves are hand harvested, not machine picked. New Song Moringa promotes micro business for local Nicaraguans to provide education and employment. We’ve created our own front pack harvesting baskets that allow us to more efficiently remove the leaves. The workers wear clean suits, gloves, masks and hair covering during this process. Our workers transfer the leaves to our organically prepared clean processing room to be hand washed three times, and then sprayed with an organic disinfectant – typically white vinegar or food grade hydrogen peroxide as they are thinly layered on the drying racks. 

The processing crew dries the leaves quickly and naturally, on racks in a room that is kept between 96 and 98 degrees, in controlled heat with dehumidifiers quickly, to preserve the 92 nutrients. The dried leaves are used for tea blends or milled into a fine powder consistency for shakes or capsules. 

Our Moringa is the most potent nutrient dense complete super food on the market, sold with a cause to employ local rural Nicaraguans.