What is Moringa Pros?

Our Premium Moringa capsules are one of the most potent and powerful ultimate green superfood capsules that are packed with natural amino acids, magnesium, minerals, and vitamins A, B, & C. Taking just 2 caps a day leaves you feeling energized with healthy and radiant skin when you pair them with a well-balanced diet! So adventure seeker, gym member, and vegan/vegetarian, we have the ultimate superfood for you.

What makes Moringa Pros different from other products?

Moringa Pros focuses on mom and baby. Our premium Moringa Capsules can be taken by ante-partum & post-partum moms. It is 100% vegan and does not go through any extraction or artificial process. It is purely natural. Its leaves come from premium Moringa trees where its soil and climate have shown to be rich in nutrients for mom and babies. 

Can I take Moringa Capsules before I give birth?

Yes! You can take Moringa Pros, Organic Moringa Oleifera Capsules any time before giving birth. It is a powerhouse super food so the added essential nutrients will benefit mom and baby. For breastfeeding goals, an ideal time to start is between the second and third trimester (24-40 weeks). A number of factors depend on where you're at with your baby. If in case baby arrives prematurely, it would be good to prepare early for the unexpected. Throughout the third trimester, breasts to continue to increase in size as the milk glands develop in preparation to feed baby.

For our 500mg formulation, take 2 capsules, twice a day with food to start and increase to 2 capsules, three times a day with food, closer to delivery. This will help boost your breast milk supply as soon as you deliver your baby. We recommend consulting your health care professional before taking any supplements as we are not familiar with your health history.

Can I take Moringa Capsules after I give birth? 

Yes! You can take weeks or months after you’ve given birth as long as you are breastfeeding. It is a natural galactagogue so you will notice an increase in your breast milk supply.

I have given birth but struggling with low milk supply, what is my initial dose?

Every mom is different in the amount of milk supply they need to establish for baby. However, on average, we recommend, taking 2 capsules twice a day for the first 4 days. You may also increase the dose to 2 capsules three times a day depending on lactation requirements. We suggest speaking to your lactation consultant or healthcare professional since they are familiar with your situation and medical history. Once a healthy, preferred, supply is achieved, parents may find that they can decrease the dosage.

I have more questions. How do I ask someone about them?

To ask a question, just email us at help@moringapros.com