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Meet Our Founder and CEO Melissa Brown

*Visionary *Entrepreneur *Risk Taker *Passion for philanthropy
Melissa is a wife and mom of two boys and graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Health Promotion & Education. She began the first 10 years of her career as a personal trainer, health coach, and fitness consultant. Then Melissa started her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 and has started multiple successful businesses since. Here is a snippet of how Moringa Pros began from Melissa's words:
"In The fall of 2002 I was able to experience my first mission trip and efforts to help the humanitarian crisis in Northwest Nicaragua after hurricane Mitch devastated the area. I was there with my parents Tommy and Linda who shortly after my trip founded New Song Mission Nicaragua to help the people rebuild their community. It was this trip where I fell in love with Nicaragua, the culture, and the people of Chichigalpa. Since I have visited 18 times and have watched the nonprofit span over seven communities providing programs that focus on mental, physical, and spiritual wellness."
"My mom Linda and I both have a passion for health and wellness, which is where the partnership between Moringa Pros and NewSong Moringa began. In 2013 the first Moringa tree was planted and has grown into a full-blown certified organic Moringa farm and manufacturing plant. I am thrilled to have partnered with my mom and join our businesses that financially support all NewSong's initiatives. Thank you for purchasing from my company Moringa Pros because it's changing the lives of the very people that cultivate it, and their community!

" - Melissa Brown